Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Messiah, Righteousness, and the Commission

This is not a comprehensive covering of what the book of Matthew has to say about Jesus, but rather a very brief overview. First of all, Jesus is shown to be the Messiah. I know what a very bold claim that is, but Matthew clearly taught Jesus was absolutely the fulfillment of many of the Old Testament prophecies, which I sometimes refer to as the Tanach as well. I have some Jewish friends and people I converse with that call it the Tanach. At any rate, there are promises from these books of the Tanach (OT) which I see as being fulfilled in Jesus. To not see it or deny it would take a leap of faith for me personally.

For instance, you can find parallels in verses like Matthew 5:17, but especially interesting are those that show the coming Messiah. Look at Matthew 1:18 through verse 23, as well as chapter 2 verses 13-15. You might also find Matthew 8:16-17 and 21:1-9 to be of interest.

Of course, each person needs to decide for themselves, but I do hope all at least look, for I think there is a lot to miss if you don't at least look. Keep in mind, this book of Matthew was written for Greek speaking, Jewish Christians. The book was written between A.D. 50 - 80. Many think it was written in Syrian Antioch, in the Holy Land.

If you think there is another in the future that fits the bill better than Jesus, I would love to hear about that. Please feel free to leave comments, and thank you for reading!