Wars Christianity Started

What are some of the names and dates of wars that were born out of Christian convictions or teachings? I ask this, as I see many people, mainly atheists, espousing this idea that Christianity starts wars. Its often the seeming "death blow" dealt by those that want to win arguments online. I don't see it happening much in "real life." My question to an honest assertion like, "your religion starts so many wars." is, "What wars are those?" Is it a reference to the crusades fought long ago? Is it those ones that people defended against Islam trying to conquer the world, coming down around Europe and being stopped thankfully by the French?

I am curious if it's just another slur against Christians and their belief system, when in reality we don't see Christianity starting any wars. We do see wars fought for political advantage or gain and all kinds of other things. We don't have that many "wars" fought though. The statement, your religion causes wars seems to not be based in fact, but in an untruth that is being perpetuated that really have other gripes against Christianity.If you are one of those people that think I am wrong, and care to show how Christianity did start wars, please share how, share names and dates of wars. Keep in mind, I am asking about wars that can be shown to be started by Christians, borne out of the Christian worldview and Jesus' teachings. Even the RCC has backed off its wars from so long ago, and they evidently wouldn't do that again.

So does Christianity really start wars? I don't find that it does, except in people's minds where they keep perpetuating what seems to be something that isn't true or based in fact. I find that the teachings of Jesus, if followed, would cause the opposite of wars in the world. It would in fact bring peace and harmony to people. Loving each other, turning the other cheek, forgiving, going the extra mile, praying even for enemies. These aren't things that start wars, but rather diffuse wars and fighting. What would explain this disconnect? I think Jesus explains it in the gospels...not much else explains it other than Christianity actually. Its a different battle that seems to be being fought. Food for thought hopefully, in an effort to get more fair and honest dialogue and debate.